abn amro depository receipts

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Furthermore, the Relationship Agreement includes, among other things, and subject to certain conditions postcodeloterij dagje weg apenheul as set forth therein: the right for nlfi to advise (i) the Supervisory Board on (re)appointment of members of the Executive Board and of the chairman of the Executive Board or the.
For a complete overview of the purpose, activities and governance of stak AAG we refer to the.
With the exclusion of stak AAG during the general meeting of ABN amro Group.V.Nlfis total stake in ABN amro Group.V.Stak AAG secures the interests of depositary jackpot winnen candy crush receipt holders as effectively as possible and will do everything to the best of its abilities to counter any threat to the independence, continuity or identity of ABN amro.Or ABN amro Bank.V.For more information about abovementioned structure, the activities of stak AAG, the articles of association and trust conditions and any meetings of depositary receipt holders, please be referred to the stak AAG website ( m ).Van Gelder (the "Board has taken a resolution providing voting proxies to all holders of depositary receipts in the share capital of ABN amro Group.V.

In such case, stak AAG may refuse or revoke powers first deposit bonus poker of attorney for up to two years, whereby nlfi needs to approve such refusal of revocation if nlfi holds at least 33 1/3 of the shares in ABN amro Group.V.
Please be advised that the definition of "Shares" in the Relationship Agreement also covers depositary receipts for shares in ABN amro Group.V.
On the one hand and the holders of depositary receipts and shareholders on the other hand, for example, by organising a meeting of depositary receipt holders prior to every general meeting.
On general meeting without prejudice to the powers granted to stak AAG under article.2.5 of the trust conditions.
Nlfi has waived any meeting and voting rights attached to the depositary receipts, other than the right to vote on the depositary receipts in the shareholders meeting of ABN amro.Please find below information about the General Meeting of Depositary Receipt Holders.The number of depositary receipts issued by stak AAG now totals 470,940,001.For as long as nlfi holds at least 33 1/3 of the shares in ABN amro Group.V.; (a) for as long as nlfi holds more than 50 of the shares in ABN amro Group.V., any investments or divestments by ABN amro Group.V.In a group, which interests shall among other things include the interests of the customers, the savers and deposit holders, the shareholders, the holders of depositary receipts, the employees and the society in which ABN amro Group.V.And (b) for as long as nlfi holds 50 or less but 33 13 or more of the shares in ABN amro Group.V., any investment or divestments by ABN amro Group.V.Stak AAG is an independent foundation set up to acquire and, in exchange, issue depositary receipts for shares in ABN amro Group.V.Nlfi does not offer the shares directly to investors, but instead transfers shares to stak AAG, which issues corresponding depositary receipts for these shares.Stichting Administratiekantoor Continuïteit ABN amro Group).

In accordance with article.2.2 of the trust conditions of Stichting Administratiekantoor Continuïteit ABN amro Group (stak AAG the board of stak AAG, consisting of.