best bank recurring deposit interest rates india

For the term duration of 2 years, The Ratnakar Bank offers an interest rate of 9, while Bandhan Bank offers slightly lower interest rate.50.
But if you deposer cv en ligne suisse are ok with the tenure or lock in period then you can go with recurring deposits.
Read on to find more about the differences between a Fixed Deposit and a Recurring Deposit investment scheme.Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits are among the most popular investment options in India.Almost all major private and Government Banks in India offer Recurring Deposit schemes with competitive interest rates.There are many other investment plans which offer better interest rates when compared to RD Accounts.There are also special schemes devised to help people reach their goals.Recently I was reading some stuff to know more about the interest rates we get on various investment options I came across RBL Banks Advantage account bp tankstelle lotto spielen in which you will get.1 Per annum along with some amazing features of debit and credit cards.In a Recurring Deposit scheme, you will have to deposit a fixed amount of money every month for a predefined period of time and the amount will fetch you interest.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rates Comparison - Note : Rate range is on the basis of different deposit tenure.
However, RBL Bank will give you.1 per annum but in Recurring deposits you will get more than that but there is a tenure or lock in period in RD Accounts.
Bank of India offers.5 extra interest rate on RD than FD for same tenure.
While both Recurring Deposit and fixed deposits are offered by most of the banks in India, each come with their own advantages and disadvantages.India Fixed Deposit Interest Rates, all Terms1 Month1 Year10 Month10 Year11 Month2 Month2 Year3 Month3 Year4 Month4 Year5 Month5 Year6 Month6 Year7 Day7 Month8 Month8 Year9 Month.Special RD Schemes, banks offer different schemes designed to suit the needs and capabilities of a variety of people.One of the most preferred investment options in India, Recurring Deposit schemes offer good interest returns with almost no risks involved.Medium term deposits generally earn a much higher interest rate.Icici Bank offers the iWish deposit which allows you to contribute various amounts of money to your RD account.The dicgc insures bank products such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, current deposits and recurring deposit products.These accounts are not like your simple SB accounts where you can deposit or withdraw money as you wish.With RD accounts you can invest systematically like if you want to buy a car next year you can invest money for your car in this account and you will get the maturity amount at the time of buying a car.Senior citizens earn a higher rate of interest when compared to regular citizens.Your interest rates also depend on the type of account you hold.A regular savings account will generally earn a higher rate of interest than an NRE/NRO account.Factors That May Affect Recurring Deposit Interest Rates.