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Throughout its almost 85-year history the company has based its activities in the world of tourism and, although the two main areas of its business currently remain in the hospitality and travel agency (retail and receptive) sectors, the Mallorcan group has always taken after.
Finally, the Barceló Hotel Group seeks to contribute to the well-being and social, political and economic development in the countries in which it has a presence.
From then onward it states that it owns 95 hotels in 16 countries and that, indirectly, it has a further 74 in the.Simón Barceló Obrador: pioneering, always being prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that the market has to offer, and to diversify its operations.The first hotel in the Caribbean, the first steps in international expansion.After the Sants hotel, the Barceló Hotel Group acquired city hotels far and wide across the Spanish territory, recently culminating in the acquisition of a new emblem for the chain, the Barceló Emperatriz or the Barceló Torre de Madrid, both in the Spanish capital.Barceló Sants is not only an innovative building with all the attributes of an excellent urban hotel, but also sets a precedent for an ideal hotel for a niche market, such as business and congresses, fully in its element in an economy that.Renovation takes over from expansion Starting in 2010, coinciding with the start of the economic crisis, expansion is to stagnate and, when contracts expire, the decision is made to dispense with some establishments that are no longer profitable.Two hotels in the center of Madrid, one in the Eixample district of Barcelona, the first 5-star hotel in Tenerife, and two hotels in Algeria, reflect an apparent reactivation of the market, which has led the chain to continue its expansion.As a consequence of the agreement, a number of hotels are opened in Isla Cristina, Fuerteventura, A Coruña, Madrid, Marbella and Casablanca (Morocco and in other cities, too.Booking may not be modified.Little by little, other European stargames bonus code destinations, including Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, the United Kingdom and Italy, are added to the rich and varied hotel portfolio.

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This collaboration between hotel companies and property developers will lead to a rapid growth in our portfolio.An exciting project aimed at positioning the group as one of the leading hotel management chains worldwide, whose aim is to offer more specialized, higher quality services to each guest.Barceló Hotel Group was originally Barceló Hotels Resorts, founded in Palma.The Ritz-Carlton Residences and Destination Clubs.With this new hotel, the Barceló Hotel Group became the first Spanish hospitality company to establish itself in the area.