(2006) Commentary: Fifty years of citation indexing International Journal of Epidemiology, 2006 35(5 1127-1128, published online September 19, 2006 Added PLoS Medicine Editors (2006) The Impact Factor Game: It is time to find a better way to assess the scientific literature PLoS Medicine, Vol.
We thus suggest that indexing of articles in citation databases and calculation of citation metrics should be based on the date of an articles online appearance, rather than on that of its publication in print.
13, 2007, published online August 17, 2007 From the conclusion: "To sum up, the similarity of the science system across OAJ and noaj boundaries has been confirmed.
77,8 of these articles were made open access within 12 months from publication, with 85,4 becoming available within 24 months.
4, April 2005 Added Giustini,.Mandated OA, by Gargouri et al (2010) (uncited in M S) - It is ironic that M S draw their conclusions about OA in economic terms (and, predictably, as their interest is in modelling publication economics) in terms of the cost/benefits, for an author,.(2011) AUPress: A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Presses Educational Technology Society, 14 (3 231-9 (2011) Abstract: This study is a comparison of AUPress with three other traditional (non-open access) Canadian university presses.Hence it is impossible to say whether any of these differences have anything to do with.Our focus for the first 120 days of the 2019 fiscal year will include: Pushing deployment of Mobile App.0 and.0 to our clients for free.R., Auethavekiat,., Erwin,.Content Factor is thus the total number of citations in a given year to all of the papers previously published in the journal.(2005) The Rise and Citation Impact of astro-ph in Major Journals ArXiv, Astrophysics, astro-ph/0503519, "I describe a simple method to determine the adoption rate and citation impact of astro-ph over time for any journal using nasa's Astrophysics Data System (ADS).Articles that received most reprint requests are cited more often." Darmoni,.We wanted to lay the foundation for a study that will compare subject areas: hence our decision to look at databases that cross many subject areas." Sigmetrics listserv, 16 September 2005 LaGuardia,.Using an author co-citation analysis method, we find that (a) OA and non-OA publications cover similar major research areas in the stem cell field, but (b) a more diverse range of basic and medical research is reported in OA publications, while (c) biomedical technology areas.(2011) Positioning Open Access Journals in a LIS Journal Ranking College Research Libraries, From the Introduction: some OA journals have successfully built reputations, attracting high-quality articles and sizable numbers of citations.

Exploiting exogenous shifts of biomaterials across institutional settings and employing a difference-in-differences approach, we find that effective institutions amplify the cumulative impact of individual scientific discoveries.
DL, in Journal of Informetrics, Vol.
This is not the case with the empirical literature on open access and citations.
Though a substantial number of journals have practiced delayed OA since they started publishing e-versions, empirical studies concerning open access have often overlooked this body of literature.Case Study in the Field of Civil Engineering Proceedings of the Fifth Belgrade International Open Access Conference 2012, OI:.5937/bioac-68 Original conference slide spin palace casino group presentation, From the abstract: we have chosen to analyze the publications in three international journals in the field of civil engineering.Org/1683/ Hefce backs off citations in favour of peer review in REF, asis T Sigmetrics listserv, Jun 24, 2009: Bensman,.The real beneficiaries of open access publishing may not be the research community but communities of practice that consume, but rarely contribute to, the corpus of literature.This is suggestive of an extremely random citation pattern with no development of consensual paradigms.(2010) Multiple open access availability and citation impact Journal of Information Science, 37 (1 19-28, published online bstract: This research examines the relationship between multiple open access (OA) availability of journal articles and the citation advantage by collecting data of OA copies and citation numbers.This bibliography is cited in support of the following open access policies, statements and guidelines for authors: National Institute for Health Research (UK NHS) Health Technology Assessment programme: Resources for authors (12th edition, May 2011) Open Access Policies Kit produced by rcaap (Portugal Open Access.Presented at "Zichtbaar onderzoek.