flosstradamus mosh pit ft casino (8er & kaviar remix)

Got bad bitches flying everywhere, got people flying everywhere, now bottles blackjack online game msn flying everywhere.
They recently found themselves in Atlanta with Free Bandz Gang's, casino who we love with the intensity of a thousand sunsand the result was "Mosh Pit, their thundering rap-rave cut, the video for which you can watch above.
One of the more pleasant surprises of the past few years of EDM (yeah, I know, whatever, it's fine, it's just a thing people call dance music now) is the rocket-fast ascent.
That young nigga jumping in a crowd shit.
Big chain, bet you wonder what it cost, machines à sous casino barrière bitch.Then hit the club and turn the crowd to a mosh pit.But I already got on a whole bunch of Gucci shit.It all has the power to become a mosh pit if you listen to "Mosh Pit." The point is, uh, just watch the video and buy the song, OK?And then I told you about my other bitch.Now go crazy in this motherfucker, straight sick.Verse 2, check out the studio, on my Floss shit.Now everybody freeze, Instagram pic, now everybody scream, Casino been rich.Verse 1, i hit the mall and bought a whole bunch of Louis shit.Hook, i woke up this morning' on my money shit.

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And while you're watching this, buy "Mosh Pit" on iTunes.
Sportswear in the club!
I done turned the whole club to a mosh pit.
My girl out of town, I'm with my other bitch.And move 'em out the way, if they on some hate shit.Grab my sack, hit the streets, I'm on some other shit.She started tripping and I went and got my other bitch.Now I turnt up in the club on some boss shit.