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By BBC Monitoring Gen Haftar's self-styled Libya National Army (LNA which has launched an offensive on Tripoli in April, is made up of former army units and militias loyal to them and has the backing of the Tobruk-based government.
The turmoil that followed Gaddafi's fall allowed IS to gain a foothold in the country, taking control of the former Libyan leader's home city of Sirte.
Weren't they all once allies?
Image copyright AFP Image caption The euphoria following Col Gaddafi's demise has vanished.This January his forces launched an offensive to seize two southern oil fields.We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and improve our websites.There was no single group in charge of the rebellion.More recently, Gen Haftar has been able to lure some armed brigades and tribes, particularly in the south, to fight with him and has found some strategic armed allies in smaller towns in western Libya.Over the last three years he has worked to gain the support of the various militias and politicians, but he has little real power over the whole country or of the forces ostensibly under his control.

French President Emmanuel Macron was the first Western leader to invite him to Europe for peace talks, and France launched air strikes in support of Gen Haftar's forces in February.
Furthermore, the militias are split along regional, ethnic and local lines, loterij fiets kopen making it a combustible mix.
He arrived in Tripoli in March 2016, four months after a UN-brokered deal to form a unity government, to set up his administration.
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