After reaching such a point in the ocean you need to dive down until you hit the ground.
The RPG-7 rocket launcher is recommended.
Sunset 7:34 pm, tomorrow 68F 20C, partly Cloudy Winds NNW 5-15 mph 10-20 kmh Precip.00".04 mm Snow.0".0 cm Sunrise 5:58 am Tomorrow Night 52F 11C Partly Cloudy Winds ENE 5 mph 10 kmh Precip.00".00 mm Snow.0".0.For example: weapon holsters, wallets, loot rucksacks.Let the Trials Begin (Bronze Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score.Memory to Spare merkur slots online spielen Gather all the memory cards.At the general store it can be found in the section for Special objects.Invisible water: X: 588.8, Y: 781.1 (walk near the nearby cliff to suddenly be underwater).Cost: 4,800, bull Shotgun, type: Shotgun, description: A customized M133 shotgun with extended shell capacity, and custom paint.This will unlock automatically while playing through the story.To reach the southern island you have to progress in the story.This trophy is quite tricky if you do not do it during one of the main story missions.

Radio Towers are similar to collectibles.
Removed Trophies (All Co-Op 1 Trial Trophy Here We Come, Return to Sender, Rocking the Boat, Hide and Seek, Late Night Pick-up, Getting Even, Let the Trials Begin.
Island Liberator Liberate all outposts.
Stay at the beach and look for two dead people that are hanging on a tree.
No matter where you try to use the zipline to kill an poker club angouleme enemy, the strategy is always the same: throw some stones to lure nearby guards under the zipline.After the story is over you will enter free roam mode and get the chance to complete all the things that you didnt do earlier.You can throw stones by pressing.This a remaster of the original Far Cry 3 for PS4.The graphics have also received an upgrade.Syringes can be crafted by accessing the Craft section in the pause menu.In the top right corner of the map are coordinates that will be incorporated in this trophy guide.ClarksvilleNOW / Weather, currently at Clarksville, TN, US 74F 23C, feels Like 74F 23C, sunny.The enemies have to die by the fire from the flamethrower.Once you reach the glider, press Square to use.Note: If you use the Recurve Bow, it will kill them in one shot.

It is also recommended to scan the entire area with your camera first so you can see the progress of the animal when you free.
During a story mission several hours into the game, you will ride in an airplane.