lotto boyz no don songtekst

Shorty Swing My Way,.P.
The water piled in, washed us back where we begin.
Every ash that isnt mine, is this how you take us away?
Broke boy what you sayin?
You got old money thats Nando Im peri-tay mar, youre plain Chicken, Im winning Snooze now, you losing And couple Niggas always wanna try it Didnt she really know we got the ting Pre-Hook: Ash Everybody wanna swing my way 'Cos they heard I got.And they never used to answer.I don't dress like you, I smell like.Why have abs if you can have kebabs?(My brother, my brother, my brother).Tonight I take double cork from the bottle.

Hustler spirit always paid by my dreams.
With my lady, no problem, cleaner than the rubber, she no skinny model, she a shuttle.
Imma put on all of my brothers, word to my siblings.
Three stripes on my body make my swag real tight.Is this how you take us away?Verse 1: Lucas, ring ring, since Im getting money Im the in thing.Pre-Hook: Ash, everybody wanna swing my way 'Cos they heard I got a banger.And now they wanna roll with a squad like mine.All I do is sin but God gave me a halo.Comes to tell me what we re not, comes to tell me what Im not.Odile, my mother s getting old, its hard to say but I know.Oh follow nah nah nah, hook: Ash You ain't making money like we No don, no don, no don, no don, no don You ain't making money like we No don, no don, no don, no don, no don You ain't making money like.Six figure nigga Im balling I call it dribbling.While I'm in the ghetto eating soup with my chopsticks.She s nervous all the time, she s nervous in my mind, i have turned into my Dad.And people ask why I do so much casino hotel plage cannes narcotics 'Cos it puts my mind straight in the tropics.

Town is waiting for the beating.
Like for real, ooooh, I think I win a lotto.