Its such a simple object, and yet its available in a diversity of styles, from coolcat no deposit bonus code 2017 chips with personalized designs to authentic reproductions of versions used in world-famous casinos.
Advantages of clay chips include: Professional casino quality, good texture and feel.
With such a vast array of available options, the free real money no deposit slots odds of finding the perfect chip set are certainly in your favor.
Thin clear laminations do not hold up well and will peel.
Being located in Las Vegas gives us the opportunity to play with and review all new products as soon as they become available.Ceramic chips became an alternative to clay poker chips because ceramic is more durable than clay.We also sell the inlays alone if you want to apply them to your own chips.Special requests are made before the final stage.Also, be sure check out our blog, there you'll find insightful articles and buying guides to assist you.Even though they are referred to as ceramic chips, they are not made of ceramic.Clay Composite Poker Chips.Quality inlays do not bleed color when wet and are very difficult to scratch.Poker Chip Lounge specializes in golf markers, personalized chip sets, custom poker chips, and more.A double-sided hot stamp chip will cost in the mid 20 cents range (plus die fees if applicable).This gives you the ability to create a fully customizable chip.All inlays are not the same.

This process uses newer flatbed inkjet printer technology and creates a real stunning chip.
A metal insert is sometimes molded into the center to give the chip a heavier weight which is preferred by most of our customers.
We offer either bulk chips or chips in preconfigured custom sets with a variety of wood and aluminum cases.
This process can be used on ceramic chips only (see above and involves using high heat and pressure to transfer the ink directly into the chip.
Compression Clay Poker Chips, the most respected chips are termed "compression clay poker chips".They are made for a somewhat harsh environment.While most of us think of clay as the material we used in pottery class in high school, in compression poker chips it's quite different.Should you oil your poker chips?The chips come in a variety of weights, colors, and designs.These chips are a polyester based resin or plastic similar to porcelain or ceramic.The chips found in Las Vegas casinos are anywhere between 10 -14 grams.Customized poker chips give a professional and authentic feel regardless of how they are used.We carry a wide variety of polycarbonate laminated inlay chips to choose from for printing custom poker chips.The chips are more prone to scratches and dents than other chips.

You can also purchase them blank, or with designs and denominations already imprinted on them. .
With all these poker supplies on hand, you can stack the deck in your favor when it comes to impressing friends at a local game, or even complete strangers around the casino table.
They can be used for drink tokens at an event, golf ball markers, and unique business cards that promote a business.