More ride details will be available after registration opens.
Rookie or note, you are in for a treat.
These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all participants and to satisfy the requirements of county and state agencies.
New for 2019, elite California Triple Crown Double Century riders will be encouraged to go beyond the 200 miles to riding 400 miles in one weekend.In 1985, Rob Templin came back on his single bike and set a solo course record of 10:21!If you're running low, and find yourself a good distance from the next checkpoint, please stop at one of the many conveniences along the route and refuel/re-hydrate.2003 Hemet Double Results 2002 Hemet Double Results 2001 Hemet Double Results 2000 Hemet Double Results 1999 Hemet Double Results 1998 Hemet Double Results 1997 Hemet Double Results 1996 Hemet Double Results 1995 Hemet Double Results 1994 Hemet Double Results 1993 Hemet Double Results 1992.Check in upon completion at the desk in front of the gymnasium door (inside courtyard).Our primary concern is rider safety.Deep in the mountains you will reach the private community of Pine Mountain Club.

However if you desire to participate in the mtdc but cannot make the cut off times, we invite you to volunteer for the event, then come and join us for the workers vidéo poker en ligne ride which is catered with great care to all volunteers wanting to try.
Registration for the Beach City Double opens on February 14, 2018.
There is an estimated 10,000 Feet of Climbing on the course. The second loop is more challenging than the first and includes; the wine country of Temecula, Lake Skinner and passes near the new Diamond Valley Lake.The cut off time is 10:00PM.#1: You must leave the Mines Road Rest Stop by 1:00pm.Although it adds about 1,000' feet of climbing to this route, compared to the previous route, it's a much quieter and very fun, rollercoaster road.) At Three Points Road House, check out the his and hers outhouses.The lowland route is 198.5 miles at 12,600 ft of climbing.The route is 193 miles.Always a tailwind, this ten mile gentle climb seems easy.From Dana Point you'll be on the coast through San Clemente, and along the bike path through San Onofre, all the way to Oceanside.Climb 8 classic sierra mountain passes with stunning scenery, smooth pavement, and just a dozen stop signs.Be careful on the descent.The terrain is relatively flat with only three moderate climbs.Riders on the course after that time will be asked to SAG to the finish or can continue unsupported.2003 California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast Photos Rest your Mouse Pointer over a thumbnail to see the caption for the photo.

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